Trains Arrivals In Kiev, Ukraine.

General information

We can purchase train tickets on your behalf. Why worry if tickets will be available or stand in line while struggling to explain to a sales clerk in English which tickets you require. Let us take care of this hassle and simply pick up your tickets in our office or have our driver bring them to you as soon as you land.  We offer ticket purchasing service for a rate of $12 service fee per ticket plus cost of the ticket. To use our service, simply emails us at with the details of your request.  Discounts are available for group ticket purchases.

Kiev central railways station (Kiev Passazyrski Station) is located close to the city center.  The station ‘Vokzalnaya” connect the railways station with the metro.

The central railway station has daily trains to all major cities and towns in Ukraine along with daily international trains.

Average travel time by train to some European cities:


Train ride

Moscow (Russia)

10 hours

Chisinau (Moldova)

17 hours

Warsaw (Poland)

18 hours

Krakow (Poland)

19 hours

Berlin (Germany)

24 hours

Bucharest (Romania)

27 hours

Vienna (Austria)

33 hours

Belgrade (Serbia)

36 hours

To check for exact schedule visit CIS Railway timetable

Average travel time by train to some Ukrainian cities: Odessa – 9 hours, Lvov - 10 hours, Kharkov - 8 hours, Simferopol - 18 hours.

Trains can be booked in advance to Kiev from German cities from

Purchasing tickets

Train tickets can be purchased at most railroad stations and most travel agencies. Typically the railroad sales clerks will not speak English and therefore knowledge of some Russian or Ukrainian is very useful. Also note that tickets cannot be placed on hold or reserve – they can only be purchased. Train tickets can be purchased within 42 day term of the departure date. It is not possible to purchase them earlier.

During low season there are typically no problems with ticket availability within a few days of the departure date or even on the day of. During holidays, however, tickets are sold out much earlier, often with no tickets remaining weeks before the travel date, so please plan accordingly.

Ticket tariff prices vary but it is a fair statement that rail travel in Ukraine is amongst the cheapest in the world as it is subsidized by the government.

Types of Trains and Tickets

There are four main categories of trains that are used in Ukraine. Your physical ticket will contain the type of train being used along with your ticket category.  The types of trains are:

·         Passazhyrski – regular commuter train.

·         Firmovoi – better equipped than commuter trains but tickets are more expensive.        

·         Shvydki – faster than the commuter train but uses same equipment.         

·         Express – the fastest of the four but has no cabins, seats only.  

Trains on various routes vary greatly in quality and maintenance.

Types of tickets break down into the following categories:

·         1st Class Spalniy – this type of ticket provides for a private cabin, suitable for up to two people. It has two couchettes (berths) both of which are typically on the low side. Tickets are typically 3 times higher than the 2nd class.        

·         2nd Class Coupe – this type of ticket is the most popular for long distance travel due to good balance of pricing, comfort and value.  The kupe car is divided into separate cabins, each suitable for up to four people. It has two lower and two upper berths. The lower ones are considered better as you do not have to climb up or jump down when getting in or out.          

·         3rd Class Platskarnij – this type of ticket is the cheapest one with the lowest level of comfort and services. This type of car is divided into open compartments, each for six people. There is little privacy in this type of car.

For much more information please visit the excellent write up by Trip Advisor Ukraine Train Travel.


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