Kiev Nightlife Guide In Ukraine


The nightlife in Kiev is quiet simply legendary. Where else in the world will you find clubs that frequently turn model quality girls away due to man vs. women imbalance inside the clubs.  We often see clubs with 80/20 ratios or even better – that is 8 girls for every 2 guys.  Those are pretty good odds if you ask us, especially when every other girl looks like model!

Whatever your expectations are – they can be satisfied with Kiev nightlife. No matter what your group’s tastes are; whether it is an outdoor café, loud nightclubs, pretentious lounges, student nightclubs, live music, hookah bars, strip clubs or something we have not even thought of – you are guaranteed to find it in Kiev. And the beautiful thing is that you won’t go broke at the end of the night, even after a dozen drinks.  Prices are low relative to other European capitals! 

If you are into it – Ukraine’s (Kiev in particular) sex industry is thriving. Wait – we are supposed to keep this a secret. Firstly because we do not want Kiev to turn into the next Thailand and secondly because this activity is technically illegal in Ukraine. But who cares, it goes on in plain sight every day and night and no one does anything about it. This gives the activities ‘quasi’ legal status - with the city officials and police adopting a laissez faire approach.  There are numerous strip clubs in the central part of Kiev and many nightclubs are filled with ‘questionable profession’ girls which are eager to strike up conversations with strangers - even the fat and ugly ones.  Strange girls they are, but hey – as the saying goes – beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. 

In summary, what we are trying to say is that Kiev nightlife is simply great. It rocks, rolls and rumbles and whatever you are into - you will find it here. We are always happy to organize trips to specific clubs or simply provide you with recommendations.

There are numerous websites that offer nightlife guidance. Because places in Kiev change often and new ones are constantly added, we suggest looking at Russian information sources for accurate information. Some of the sites that we recommend are and Both sites are in Russian but Afisha has some sections in English.

Visit our night time activity stag page to see a number of entertainment options we offer.


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17 Kreschatik Street

0 Minute(s) Walk to Kreschatik Street

sleeps maxium: 4
ID: 563 Price: $94

16 Krasnoarmeyskaya (Velyka Vasylkivska) Street...

5 Minute(s) Walk to Kreschatik Street

sleeps maxium: 4
ID: 716 Price: $94

12 Basseynaya Street

1 Minute(s) Walk to Kreschatik Street

sleeps maxium: 8
ID: 369 Price: $194

54 Kreschatik Street Studio Apartment

0,01 Minute(s) Walk to Kreschatik Street

sleeps maxium: 2
ID: 181 Price: $64

51/53 Vladimirskaya Street

2 Minute(s) Walk to Kreschatik Street

sleeps maxium: 8
ID: 119 Price: $229

4 Shota Rustaveli Street

3 Minute(s) Walk to Kreschatik Street

sleeps maxium: 8
ID: 493 Price: $184