One of the most popular shooting activities! Team-game similar to the paintball with a tactic and strategy but  has different weapon wich is easier and closer to real - replica firearms with non-metallic pellets. This dynamic game will make you feel as real military. One of the features is that you have to consider a strategy and team-work.This game has many scenarios : from simple game to restore different battles. A lot of locations : woods, old factories, and even a city centre ! We provide wide choice of firearms and the most popular AK-47 , M4a, Arctic Snipe Riffle etc and even grenades! To be smart and quite or attack openly? Help your tem-mates or be loner? Thats all depends on you. 

Includes: The game includes:  -instructions  -equipment -weapon -plastic balls -personal weatherwear   

Price from: $35/person

Activity Pictures