Your Grand Surprise Package for the Stag

Day 1

1.  Transfer  from Borispol Airport.

2. Transfer from your hotel to the first pub

3.  Fake Kidnapping

4. Pub Crawl Activity 

Day 2 

1. Tank Ride Activity

2. Lunch time!

Day 3

1.Erotic Massage Actiity 

Please note that the total price depend on the amount of hours spent on the chosen activity and the number of group members. That's why we will be very glad if you give us as more details as you can concerning the time, the date, the type of activity, the number of group members.

Please also note that the package can be changed.

You want to surprise your Stag before the"End" of his free life? This opportunity is for you!

Day 1

1.  Transfer  from Borispol Airport.

Our driver will meet you at the airport holding a sign with your name on it.

3. Transfer from your hotel to the first pub

4.  Fake Kidnapping

The driver will take all of you to some specific place where there will not be any people and our actors will kidnap your friends.

Please note, that you will be taken to the pub, where our guide will be waiting for you.

Those guys who were kidnapped will be blindfolded and have some ride in a car. After that they will be taken to the pub, whereyou and the guide will be waiting.

5. Pub Crawl Activity(for 3 hours) 

The guide takes you to the best pubs in the city center where you will have to try at least one alcohol drink per person. Please note, that the price doesn't include the fee for the drinks in pubs. 

Day 2 

1. Tank Ride Activity

The driver will be waiting for you at the reception desk in the hotel at 9:00 AM

 1.1 (11:00) Arrival to the shooting range and basic instructions. We will send our interpreter with you (translation and consultation). 

 1.2 (11:30) You will sit in a tank one by one and go through a special tank road. During the ride the military tank driver will give you a possibility to drive by yourself. Approximate duration of a ride - 30 minutes per person 

 * Please note that is prohibited to take photos during the ride, however it can be discussed directly there. 

1.3 (14:30) Departure back to the hotel

2. Lunch time!
After hours spent on tank riding you shurelly will be full of emotions and very hungry! So our driver will take you to some restaurant where you will be able to renew your powers and share your impressions.

Day 3

1.Erotic Massage Activity 

Please note, that we will send 3 girls, who will do an erotic massage for everyone of your group.

For group 

from 1- 4 people

For group 

from 1- 5 people  

For group 

from 2-8 people


The total price

max 1820$

max 2250$

for 8 - max 2960$






Please note that some prices are approximate.

The above balance include all listed services, but some of them could be reduced due to your request( for ex. the price can vary according to the time of Pub Crawl activity or the number of Erotic massage sessions).



Price from: $TBD

Activity Pictures