Rafting on Yuzhny Bug River

The two-day rafting tour on Yuzhny Bug River in a beautiful southern granite reserve "Buzhsky Garde"

A combination of rapids, beautiful scenery and memorable experiences of this white water rafting with the relatively safe passages of the rapids. We invite you to visit this beautiful river - a truly magical place.

Rafting Camp is located on the rapid of the Great Migeysky.  .

Upon your request we can additionally arrage master classes of boating basics - boat control techniques and tactics to overcome water obstacles, insurance and conducting rescue operations. Near the camp a turquoise lake with clear water is located and a live rock - you can take a master class in rock climbing too.

On the second day you will take a continues river rafting along the reserve.


Includes: the cost per person for the whole activity: 2 days rafting activity, transportation, meals, tents. Prefferably minimum 5-6 people (discounts available).

Price from: $200

Activity Pictures