Powered Hang Glider rent


In the summer you always want something unusual, new and impressive. For this reason we offer you a flight on a unique machine - Powered Hang Glider. An ordinary hang glider is used for its wing and control frame, and you and the professional pilot will launch from flat ground, needing a length of about a football field to get airborne, or much less if there is an oncoming breeze and no obstacles. This is a transport with seating for two people with a powerful 100 hp engine capable to speed up to 100 km/h.

Even a short 10-minute flight will leave nobody indifferent, and for half an hour - you will see the "Kiev Sea", Desna River, fascinating view of the Kiev Pechersk Lavra and many other interesting places.


Includes: services of the instructor (will be driving the hang glider), Powered Hang Glider  rent, transportation to the landing area from Velykiy island by a motor ship(6 people maximum).

Price from: $200

Activity Pictures