Motor Boat Rent

We have a large selection of crewed Motor Yachts, which are fast, comfortable and don\'t require any navigating experience and skills. If you are looking for good times and comfort at Dnipro River, they are the right choice for you. We can organize a party for you and your friends or just make the best rest for you to relax on the board of a beautiful ship and enjoy the sunset. 
Notes: Rental price depend on the type of the boat, time of the day and whether it’s weekend or not. The minimum time of booking the boat is 2 hours. The yacht rent at night\'s time is prohibited.
While ordering this activity, please indicate the following points:
How many people will participate in the activity? What kind of yacht do you need (Sailing yacht/motor yacht), how many sleeping accommodations do you need, do you need us to arrange a pre-shopping service to fill the yacht with alcohol and may be some fruits or snacks? Are you interested in any other services presented on our website?
Let us know all the details important for you about this activity and we will find the best option for your party or rest.

Includes: yacht rental, gas for the boat, professional ship crew, transfer to the boat on the pier and back.

Price from: $60

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