Limousine Ride


This limousine ride will make you feel like you never left the club when you are riding in between your next stop.


Our Stag Party limo can take you to the restaurant, bar, strip club, night club, or travel from place to place around the city as late as you want to go. Let the stretch limo be the transportation for your entire party, making your wild night safe, fun and memorable, as you are driven wherever you wish to go by a highly professional and accommodating limousine driver.

Book the limousine ride directly from the airport to your accommodation and try the maximum of the benefits of this city.

Surprise your girlfriend and take her to the most beautiful places of Kiev. Take some champagne and enjoy the most spectacular views of the night.\

Let the night be yours to enjoy.

Notes: the minimal time of booking a limousine is 2 hours.


Includes: renting a limousine.

Price from: $85 per hour

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