Bar Crawling Activity "Night Beer Quest"

Night bar crawling entertainment activity - a tour around major famous pubs in Kiev tasting national beer.


The night quest begins with the dinner at traditional Ukranian restaurant, then we will move on to the national breweries tasting ukranian beer, after that we will have a night ride in a cafe on wheels, and then the night part of the bar crawling ends in the centrally located pub where concerts and live music take place - you'll taste the most delicious cocktails.

The entire tour is led by a coach and guide interpreter.

There are several alternative routes (depending on the period and time of your reservation (holidays, weekends, etc.)


Includes: visiting the best breweries in Kiev and pubs (beer tasting is a must :-) ) with live music, trying national cuisine. The pubs are located in different parts of the city. Starting at 7:00 PM till the morning next day

Price from: $60

Activity Pictures