Parachute jumping

Our experienced instructors will do their best for the beginners to feel safe and self-confident during the first jump. If one wants to try parachute jumping, but does not want to take risk, he or she is welcome to experience a tandem-jump together with instructor who is responsible for the jump. The tandem-jump guarantees maximum pleasure and self confidence for you. This kind of jump is a very interesting one, as it allows skipping ground-based trainings, but still a beginner experiences the same emotions, a professional jumper does.


A parachute jump leaves unforgettable memories, and majority of those who tried it once long for new jumps, new portions of adrenalin and new emotions. Parachute jumping can be turned into the energy source. To become a professional jumper, one needs to study some theory of parachute sport, pass through several tests and perform a number of jumps.

Emotions that parachute jumpers experience are unique and cannot be compared to any other feelings. 




Price from: $$ 69

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