H2 Hummer Limousine Ride

The biggest black 11meters long Limo H2 Hummer in Ukraine. It can seat up to 16 people!

You can use this Limo for corporate parties, busness trips, ariport transfer, romantic trip.

Additonally we can offer you snacks and drinks from the Limo bar.

H2 Limo is also as good four guided tours around Kiev.

Night life, clubs, discos, hanging out with friends - whhat can be more exciting than this?

It can! If you do it in H2 Hummer Limousine and impress your friends and girlfriends with the luxury lifestyle you can lead!

Rent a Limo with KievStagParty company.

Notes: Please note, that the minimum time of booking the limo is 2 hours.

Includes: 1 hour drive around Kiev. When ordering for more than 5 hours ask for discounts. If you decide to go outside of Kiev the price is to be calculated for distance (additionally each 1 kilometer is $2,5 - ask us about the place you wanna go).

Price from: $120

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