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Kiev offers legendary nightlife, great restaurants and basically any activity you may desire to do - day or night.  Nightlife ranges from high end nightclubs with strict door policy (interesting fact: Ukraine is probably the only country where girls are frequently refused entry at doors of many establishments due to an excessive percentage of girls already inside or suspicion or prostitution) to cozy, low key hangouts. There is also everything in between.  There are also a number of strip clubs, some of which are open all night.  In the last ten  years, Kiev has also seen a number of ‘all in one’ entertainment complexes spring into action, which offer a variety of activities on its premises including but not limited to bowling, ping pong, shooting ranges, billiards, ice skating and much more. There is even one complex that offers a game of curling!

Kiev is also known for its amazingly delicious food. Noteworthy item is that most of the food in Ukraine is still produced using old farming methods; without use of any chemicals or preservatives – what they call ‘organic’ food in other countries. This, along with Ukraine having the best soil in the world results in phenomenally delicious tasting fruits and vegetables.   There is no shortage of restaurants that fit any taste or budget in Kiev. When choosing a restaurant, useful websites are afisha.ua (Russian only) which is frequently updated by its users with newly opened spots and their reviews.  Additionally, Kiev has amazing ‘themed’ restaurants located outside of the city center. Many of them are located on ‘New Obukhov road’ which is just slightly outside of the city center (about 12 km away). These restaurants typically have large outdoor premises, many of which also contain mini hotels or cottages in case guests are too ‘tired’ to drive back home.  Restaurants range in different themes, few examplessuch as restaurants styled after traditional Ukrainian village or war time partisan hangout. All offer fantastic unique experience and many will have live entertainment in the form of a band or other performances.


Erotic Massage

Ho w would you like to be taken to peak pleasures with the help of a sensual touch.   We know just how life can be stressful and that is why we offer our holistic and erotic bodywork services ...

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Strip Dance Show Activity in Kiev

Beautiful, plastic and playful strippers will fulfill all your sacred dreams and fantasies in one of the most famous strip and sport bars of Kiev. You will be able to chose any of the follo ...

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Nightclub Tour

Rhythmic and loud music, great variety of alcohol drinks, huge quantity of beautiful Ukrainian girls and a lot of fun. All those things you will ...

price per activity: $15/hour

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18 Krasnoarmeyskaya (Velyka Vasylkivska) Street...

6 Minute(s) Walk to Kreschatik Street

sleeps maxium: 8
ID: 81 Price: $214

54 Kreschatik Street Studio Apartment

0,01 Minute(s) Walk to Kreschatik Street

sleeps maxium: 2
ID: 181 Price: $64

16 Krasnoarmeyskaya (Velyka Vasylkivska) Street...

5 Minute(s) Walk to Kreschatik Street

sleeps maxium: 4
ID: 716 Price: $94

4 Shota Rustaveli Street

3 Minute(s) Walk to Kreschatik Street

sleeps maxium: 8
ID: 493 Price: $184

12 Basseynaya Street

1 Minute(s) Walk to Kreschatik Street

sleeps maxium: 8
ID: 369 Price: $194

47 Krasnoarmeyskaya (Velyka Vasylkivska) Street...

7 Minute(s) Walk to Kreschatik Street

sleeps maxium: 10
ID: 417 Price: $224