Culture and Etiquette


Ukrainian culture dates back hundreds of years and is filled with rich traditions.  There are a number of museums in Kiev that showcase various features of Ukrainian cultures, ranging from art to poetry.  We encourage those interested in this topic to visit a few of them. To learn more about Ukrainian culture we recommend reading Wiki Ukrainian Culture entry.

Ukrainians by nature are open and welcoming people.  Yet the difficult conditions of everyday life for middle along with anumber of recent economic and political crises have made Ukrainian people cautions. As a result, tourists often walk away with an impression that Ukrainians are cold people which is not the case at all. 

General etiquette is similar to other Western countries, with men expected to open doors for women, shake hands with other men and other standard social gestures.  One major stark difference between many other countries and Ukraine is women’s role in society. While women in Ukraine often achieve the same positions as their male counter parts (example Yulia Timoshenko – ex Ukrainian Prime Minister) – they prefer to embrace their femininity much more so than their Western Counterparts. Male visitors are often stunned to see little clothing on the women of Kiev during summer days and are also surprised that Ukrainian women always try to look their best no matter what the activity. High heels, micro miniskirts and full makeup are very common for girls in Kiev. The old joke in Ukraine is that a Kiev girl puts on her lipstick when making a walk down the stairs to take out the out the garbage.

It is also common for Ukrainian friends of Westerners to be quiet curious about their lifestyle in home country and may ask what would be considered personal questions such as earnings, political orientation, religious beliefs, etc.


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