Costs of Living and Prices


It is fair to say that Ukraine is an inexpensive country, however, tourists can sometimes be surprised that the central part of Kiev can be as expensive as you want it to be. There are many establishments which cater to the wealthy or tourists with prices on par with Western Europe. At the same time, many restaurants are inexpensive, although those are usually typically locates lightly off the beaten path, so you have to do your research before you come. In any case, on the whole Kiev is much cheaper than its neighborcapitals such as Budapest or Prague when it comes to food or entertainment but can be pricy when it comes to real estate.  To get a more detailed look at a cost of living in Kiev you can visit here.

Official currency in Ukraine is Gryvnias (or Hryvnias) with a symbol of UAH. You can easily exchange all main currencies in any bank or exchange kiosk of which there are many, especially in city center. The local currency is pegged to US dollar making the present a great time to visit Ukraine given dollar’s weakness against the Euro. Some more expensive items will often be quoted in US dollars or Euros. US dollars or Euros can often be accepted in restaurants or stores; however, we recommend exchanging into local currency as the rate you get for purchasing directly with your own currency will not be favorable.  You can also use numerous ATM machines located all around – for debit card security we recommend always using an official ATM machine located inside a bank branch versus autonomous machines located in the streets or under passages.


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4 Shota Rustaveli Street

3 Minute(s) Walk to Kreschatik Street

sleeps maxium: 8
ID: 493 Price: $184

16 Krasnoarmeyskaya (Velyka Vasylkivska) Street...

5 Minute(s) Walk to Kreschatik Street

sleeps maxium: 4
ID: 716 Price: $94

5 Bessarabskaya Square

1 Minute(s) Walk to Kreschatik Street

sleeps maxium: 6
ID: 502 Price: $134

51/53 Vladimirskaya Street

2 Minute(s) Walk to Kreschatik Street

sleeps maxium: 8
ID: 119 Price: $229

47 Krasnoarmeyskaya (Velyka Vasylkivska) Street...

7 Minute(s) Walk to Kreschatik Street

sleeps maxium: 10
ID: 417 Price: $224

54 Kreschatik Street Studio Apartment

0,01 Minute(s) Walk to Kreschatik Street

sleeps maxium: 2
ID: 181 Price: $64